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Saftey Tips

  • Make sure your doors and windows are locked even if you will be gone briefly.  It does not take a thief long to get in and get out with your valuable items.

  • You can leave a radio or television on while you are away from your home to further support the illusion that someone is at home.  For extended periods of absence, automatic timers for lights are highly recommended.

  • Avoid large displays of gifts where they can easily be seen through window or doors.

  • When arranging decorations be sure not to block exits or passageways.  In case of emergency they may be critical!

  • Don't put your empty gift boxes of expensive items out by the road as trash for everyone, including thieves to see.  Instead, break down the boxes yourself first.  You can even place the broken down boxes in plastic garbage bags to further disguise them.  If you are feeling energetic, you can always take them to the dump yourself.

  • During the holidays, you may receive packages from friends and family.  Be aware that thieves sometimes pose as delivery personnel.  Keep your wits about you, ask to see identification and above all do not be complacent!

  • Con artists posing as representatives of charitable organizations may be more prevalent during the holiday season.  Always ask for their organization's issued identification.  Be generous but ensure your generosity is going to an authentic charity.  If in doubt, do not contribute!

  • If you are uncomfortable with a stranger approaching your home, do not open the door.

  • If you see something suspicious...immediately notify local law enforcement!

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