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Shopping Tips

Before you leave the house:

  • Fanny PackCarry only those items with you that you need.  Do not take every credit card you own...just the ones you will need.  Take only cash that you need, not your entire stockpile.

  • Avoid using a purse if possible.  Maybe a zippered "fanny pack" would be a better idea.

  • Carry your wallet in a front pants pocket or jacket pocket to deter pick-pocket thieves.

  • If you're going to get money from the ATM, use one in a very public place preferably indoors.  Most shopping malls have ATM's located inside.

While shopping:

  • Pay attention when parking...remember where you parked.  Later that will reduce the time you are vulnerable in a parking lot.

  • Well Lit Parking LotPark as close as you can to where you are going and in a well-lit area.  Stay away from bushes and places where someone could hide and surprise you when getting in or out of your car.

  • Pay attention to your surroundings.  If there is someone hanging around the parking lot, park somewhere else.  If you see suspicious activity when returning to your car, return to the relative safety of the store or mall you were walking from and notify security or the police.

  • Do not try carrying more than you can handle.  It makes all the other aspects of being aware more difficult and makes you an easier target.

  • Do not shop until you are worn out.  When you become fatigued you may not be as alert and may become more forgetful.

Time to leave:

  • Gifts Inside TrunkDo not wait until closing to leave.  As a matter of fact you may want to consider leaving before dark when you can better view your surroundings for danger.

  • If you will be traveling from one shopping location to another, keep your gifts in your trunk.  Some may believe covering gifts in the back seat with a blanket will actually fool a thief, but you will only be fooling yourself.

  • Most importantly, BE AWARE!  Your suspicious side is your best defense against becoming a victim of crime.