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Did You Know...?

The Burglar's Perspective

  • Most burglars are not skilled professionals.
  • The majority of burglaries are committed by youth 18 years of age and under.
  • Burglars are looking for "easy targets" such as:
    • Unoccupied home;
    • Open doors and windows;
    • Homes and fences that hide themselves from neighbors and passerby's;
    • Homes without adequate locks or lighting.
  • They are looking for items easily sold for cash that have no identifying numbers or marks.
  • Daytime hours are the most popular times for residential burglaries.
  • Most burglaries occur in homes where a door or a window was not locked.
  • The more your home appears to be "target hardened," the more likely it is a burglar will look for an easier property.  (There is always plenty to choose from!)

~ By taking some simple precautionary steps,
the chances of becoming a victim of a crime are significantly reduced. ~


Absolutely no valuables should be left in plain sight in an unoccupied vehicle regardless if it at your residence or elsewhere.  Keep valuables out of sight by locking them up in the trunk or by bringing them with you.  Even loose change can be a temptation!  Lock your car and keep your windows closed.  Use a mechanical locking device that attaches to your steering wheel.  It is a strong deterrent to auto thieves.  When possible, park in a well lit area at night.