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Historical Crime Statistics - City of Tampa Florida

Crime Statistics Summary - Summary of Part 1 crimes statistics from 1985 to 2006.

Crimes are broken down into the following major categories...

Part 1 Crimes

Part 2 (Mandatory)

Part 2 (Optional)

Murder Kidnap/Abduct Intimidation
Manslaughter Simple Assault Extortion/Blackmail
Rape Arson Counterfeiting/Forgery
Fondling Fraud-False Pretenses Stolen Property
Robbery Fraud-Credit Card/ATM Vandalism
Aggravated Assault Fraud-Impersonation Non-forcible Sex Offences
Burglary Fraud-Wire Prostitution
Larceny-Pick Pocket Embezzlement Liquor Law Violation
Larceny-Purse Snatch Drugs/Narcotics Weapons Violations
Larceny-Shoplift Drugs/Equipment DUI
Larceny-From Bldg.   Miscellaneous
Larceny-Coin Op. Machine    
Larceny-from Vehicle    
Larceny-All Other    
Vehicle Theft    

2002-2010 Overall Crime Decrease