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DISCLAIMER Regarding the TPD's RAIDS Online Data

TPD strives to ensure the accuracy of the data made available through RAIDS Online and to comply fully with state and federal laws pertaining to the rights of both victims and suspects.

TPD will not release any personally identifiable information of those involved in crimes that are mapped in the Raids Online service through RAIDS Online. User should also realize that this data may reflect:

  • Information that may include technical or human error or both

  • Information not yet verified by additional investigation of the crime or incident

  • Preliminary crime classifications and symbols that might be changed later, based upon further investigation

  • Mapped points that are estimates of the actual crime or incident location, based upon the mapping limitations of our data and records systems

  • Incidents at the same address may be "stacked" upon each other, visually obscuring the total number of incidents occurring at that location

  • TPD shall have no liability for data made available on this website, specifically including no liability for any: Omissions of data; or errors in data as presented to the public; and Use, misuse of, or any result obtained from the use or misuse of, data

  • The use of data indicates the site user's unconditional acceptance of all risks associated with the use of data as provided through the RAIDS Online Crime Mapping Service.