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Stop On Red Tampa - Mayors Note


Stop on Red Tampa
According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety,a red light is run every 20 minutes at each intersection. The city of Tampa’s new intersection safety program will be very important to the safety of our local roadways.

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  Mayor Bob Buckhorn talking to citizens

Mayor Bob Buckhorn, City of Tampa

Each day, thousands of Tampa residents get into their vehicles and travel to or from work, home, school and other locations throughout our community. This simple act of transportation, while often just routine, is one that can change a life or lives forever. In the United States, traffic crashes are actually the most significant cause of preventable death and injury. One of the most dangerous causes of these crashes is red-light running.

Our new intersection safety programs will be very important to the safety of our local roadways, and it's important that motorists know the facts upfront. Please take a few moments and read this informative and, perhaps, enlightening brochure describing how the cameras actually work and the rules that accompany enforcement of red-light running.

As this initiative begins, we join hundreds of other communities across the Florida and country in implementing intersection safety programs. Please know that to me this program is about public safety, not about penalizing drivers, and that for this great city, I want nothing more from it than to reduce collisions, prevent injuries and to save lives.