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Home Improvement Scams

When the need arises for improvements or repairs that you can't do for yourself, many people turn to others to do the work.  Most of the time the result is a competent and professional job.  But there is a faction of unscrupulous people out there that will take your money and either leave the job unfinished or not done at all.

You can avoid many of these pitfalls by using a licensed contractor to conduct home improvement and repairs to you home.  But you should know that a contractor license is not the same as an occupational license.  In Florida, by law, a contractor's license number must appear on any business proposal or contract.  It must also be conspicuously and legibly displayed on the vehicles marked as business vehicles.

Investigators can track down licensed contractors by their number.  Criminal charges can be pursued when criminal violations occur and their license can be in jeopardy too.  This is a powerful tool as the loss of a contracting license may be more punishment than incarceration.

Con Artists may...

  • Target the elderly, uninformed, young and the inexperienced.
  • Focus on driveway paving, roofing & painting.
  • Solicit door-to-door claiming to have "just finished a job down the street."
  • Arrive in unmarked vehicles, sometimes from out-of-state.
  • ...more tips

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