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Tampa Police Explorers

 Tampa Police Explorers

The leaders of tomorrow, assisting law enforcement today.
Police Explorers Color Guard FAQ Squad
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The Mission Statement

The mission of the Tampa Police Department Explorer Post is to provide a positive relationship between Police Officers and Youth who wish to learn about a career in Law Enforcement.  The Tampa Police Explorers will not discriminate against any race, creed religion or gender.  The Police Explorers will be required to be upstanding citizens within the community who maintain good grades, complete community volunteer hours, and have a desire to enter into law enforcement as a career.

Bicycle Training Roll Call Dummy Pull Pistol Range


Community Service

As part of the commitment to the community, the Police Explorer must take part in our community service program.  Each Explorer must give 8 hours of service time with the Post each month.

Service Details

The Post takes part in "service details" that either benefits the Police Department or the Post.  The Explorer program funds its operation by raising money in the form of fund raiser events.  This could be a food sale or parking control operation.  We also accept donations and actively seek grants.

Law Studies

The Explorer program during classroom instruction learns about Florida State Criminal and Traffic Laws.


Search And Arrest

Explorers learn how to investigate crimes such as car crashes, traffic stops, search and arrests, building searches, First Aid, domestic crisis intervention, and in-progress calls for service.




Color Guard

Color Guard At Attention


We have our own Color Guard that has represented our Nations Flag at several local and State events.  As future Police Officers, we learn that it is an honor to serve our country and presenting our Nation's Flag.




Ride-A-Long Program

Provides the Explorer (after becoming ride-a-long certified) with first hand knowledge of basic police procedures, by supplementing classroom training through observation and communication with police officers and civilian employees during their performances of patrol functions.

Bicycle Program

Bicycle Training


This year, the Explorers have begun the implementation of a bicycle patrol program which like the ride-a-long, will expose Explorers to community oriented policing.




Pistol Team

Firearm Training


Explorers are eligible to attend firearm training and try out for the 9mm Pistol Team.  Team Tampa has held the state championship several times and still holds the state high scores for a team match.