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Tampa Downtown Partnership

Together with the Tampa Police Department, the Tampa Downtown Partnership has developed a close working relationship with downtown businesses, companies, property owners, employees and residents in an effort to make Tampa's Downtown a safer and more inviting place to be.  Tampa police officers give updates about downtown criminal activity at meetings.  The Crime Prevention Bureau of the Tampa Police Department provides a liaison to the Tampa Downtown Partnership.

Some of the benefits are:

Downtown Security Network

  • Security Alerts
  • Safety & Security Updates

Downtown Security Series - Safety Awareness Program

  • Auto Theft Prevention
  • Office Security
  • Handling Suspicious Packages
  • Workplace Violence
  • Personal Safety
  • Identity Theft Awareness
  • Drug Awareness
  • Safe Traveling

Commercial Security Surveys

  • Onsite inspection by CPTED certified Officer
  • Making your business criminal UN-friendly

Meetings and the series are free and open to anyone.

You may also visit the Tampa Downtown Partnership website:  www.tampasdowntown.com.

For more information about the programs or to host a meeting, you may contact the Tampa Downtown Partnership at (813) 221-3686.