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Street Repairs/Resurfacing

The City focuses significant resources on an annual basis in the preservation of its 2,800 paved lane miles of streets. The City's street network consists of approximately 16 million square yards of asphalt roadway of which 400,000 square yards are resurfaced annually. Additionally, City crews repair 15,000 potholes annually.

Requests for street surface repairs may be relayed directly to the department at (813) 274-3101, 24 hours a day. If you are reporting a particularly large pothole that is disrupting the flow of traffic, alert the dispatcher that a barricade may be required.

Water damage is the usual reason for potholes. This is the reason more potholes occur during the rainy season. During these times it may take longer than a week to respond to requests because of the work volume. Asphalt can not be applied effectively in wet conditions.  Report a pothole

The City has a street repaving program that is prioritized by pavement condition and rideability. Some roads may warrant repaving, but may be deferred because another project is planned in the near future ( such as a water or sewer line replacement ). You may directly request repaving or remarking services.