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Residential Rules and Regulations

It is important to know the guidelines for the proper disposal of your residential refuse. Sometimes the Department is not able to collect your refuse containers that exceed 50 pounds due to weight and size limitations. The picture of the residential cans on the left depicts how refuse should be set out for collection. The cans in the picture to the right do not have lids and the refuse is spilled on the ground, creating an unsanitary condition.

If bags are used instead of cans with tight fitting lids, the bags must be at least 1.5 mils thick to prevent breakage and spilling of refuse.

Photo of Properly Loaded Garbage Can
Right way to set out garbage cans

Photo of Properly Loaded Garbage Bag
Correct thickness of bags to use for trash

Photo of Imroperly Loaded Garbage Bag
Bags too thin to use for trash

Photo of Improperly Loaded Garbage Can
Wrong way to set out garbage cans


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