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Build Your Own Rebate -
Single-Family Residential Program Eligibility Estimator

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Note: Requires Internet Explorer 9 or above, Chrome or Firefox.

Eligibility estimator is not applicable to Commercial BYOR participants.

A mobile version is also available.


Use information from your past City of Tampa utility bills to complete the estimator above. The monthly use in CCF can be found in the Water Usage History section on the left side of your bill. After completing the estimator, you can also use the Goal Decision Tool in the estimator to help determine a reduction goal for your rebate program application or request assistance in setting a goal during the application process.

Information to collect from your City of Tampa utility bills:

snapshot of City of Tampa Utility bill with information for Goal Checker marked

icon for number 1 Service To date

icon for number two Monthly potable water use in CCF.

Please contact a Water Efficiency and Conservation Coordinator at (813) 274-8121 or by email with any questions regarding eligibility or the BYOR Program.

(page last reviewed: 09/09/2013)