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Neighborhood Right-of-Way

Neighborhood Right of Way MaintenanceTo provide a cleaner City Environment, through public education and involvement.

Supervisors tour the major thoroughfares and residential corridors within their respective District(s).

Supervisors meet with Neighborhood Association Presidents, other city department officials and businesses to discuss District issues and to:

  • Determine the essential scope of services required

  • Draft 30-60 day Maintenance Plan

  • To provide a cleaner City Environment through maintenance of rights-of-way, parkways and medians.

  • Grounds Maintenance performed in compliance with State, County and City Regulations while adhering to OSHA safety procedures.

Workload includes but is not limited to:

  • Minor Tree Trimming -- Uplift branches to 7 feet above sidewalks

  • Mowing -- performed on rights-of-way, parkways, medians, alleyways and vacant lots.

  • Edging -- performed along curbs and sidewalks.

  • Line Trimming -- performed along fence lines, walls, guy wires, trees, telephone poles and signposts.

  • Blowing --performed as the last function of maintenance.

  • Litter Control, Illegal Sign Removal