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Fire & Police Pension Board Meeting Agendas

The Fire and Police Pension Board meets at 1:30 p.m. on the fourth Wednesday of each month (unless otherwise announced).  Meetings are held at the pension board offices located at 3001 North Boulevard, Tampa, FL, 33603. 

Meeting Date File Type File Size
April 23, 2014Adobe Acrobat Document16 KB
March 27, 2014Adobe Acrobat Document14 KB
February 25, 2014Adobe Acrobat Document16 KB
January 22, 2014Adobe Acrobat Document16 KB
December 18, 2013Adobe Acrobat Document16 KB
November 20, 2013Adobe Acrobat Document17 KB
October 30, 2013Adobe Acrobat Document20 KB
September 25, 2013Adobe Acrobat Document15 KB
August 28, 2013Adobe Acrobat Document14 KB
July 24, 2013Adobe Acrobat Document17 KB
June 27, 2013Adobe Acrobat Document18 KB
May 23, 2013Adobe Acrobat Document17 KB
April 24, 2013Adobe Acrobat Document18 KB
March 27, 2013Adobe Acrobat Document17 KB
February 27, 2013Adobe Acrobat Document17 KB
January 23, 2013Adobe Acrobat Document16 KB
December 19, 2012Adobe Acrobat Document70 KB
November 28, 2012Adobe Acrobat Document16 KB
October 24, 2012Adobe Acrobat Document16 KB
September 26, 2012Adobe Acrobat Document17 KB
August 21, 2012Adobe Acrobat Document13 KB
July 25, 2012Adobe Acrobat Document12 KB
June 28, 2012Adobe Acrobat Document15 KB
May 23, 2012Adobe Acrobat Document31 KB
April 25, 2012Adobe Acrobat Document19 KB
March 22, 2012Adobe Acrobat Document17 KB
February 23, 2012Adobe Acrobat Document20 KB
January 26, 2012Adobe Acrobat Document16 KB
December 15, 2011Adobe Acrobat Document22 KB
November 17, 2011Adobe Acrobat Document103 KB
October 27, 2011Adobe Acrobat Document21 KB
September 22, 2011Adobe Acrobat Document517 KB
August 25, 2011Adobe Acrobat Document15 KB
July 28, 2011Adobe Acrobat Document19 KB
June 23, 2011Adobe Acrobat Document15 KB
May 26, 2011Adobe Acrobat Document17 KB
April 28, 2011Adobe Acrobat Document18 KB
March 24, 2011Adobe Acrobat Document18 KB
February 24, 2011Adobe Acrobat Document18 KB
January 27, 2011Adobe Acrobat Document15 KB
December 16, 2010Adobe Acrobat Document60 KB
November 18, 2010Adobe Acrobat Document16 KB
October 28, 2010Adobe Acrobat Document16 KB
September 23, 2010Adobe Acrobat Document16 KB
August 26, 2010Adobe Acrobat Document20 KB
July 22, 2010Adobe Acrobat Document25 KB
June 24, 2010Adobe Acrobat Document23 KB
May 20, 2010Adobe Acrobat Document25 KB
April 22, 2010Adobe Acrobat Document19 KB
March 25, 2010Adobe Acrobat Document22 KB
February 25, 2010Adobe Acrobat Document19 KB
January 20, 2010Adobe Acrobat Document18 KB
December 17, 2009Adobe Acrobat Document21 KB
November 19, 2009 AddendumAdobe Acrobat Document21 KB
November 19, 2009Adobe Acrobat Document82 KB
October 15, 2009Adobe Acrobat Document106 KB
September 24, 2009Adobe Acrobat Document88 KB
August 27, 2009Adobe Acrobat Document91 KB
July 23, 2009Adobe Acrobat Document114 KB
June 25, 2009Adobe Acrobat Document75 KB
May 28, 2009Adobe Acrobat Document84 KB
April 23, 2009Adobe Acrobat Document77 KB
March 26, 2009Adobe Acrobat Document75 KB
February 26, 2009Adobe Acrobat Document86 KB
January 22, 2009Adobe Acrobat Document91 KB
December 18, 2008Adobe Acrobat Document78 KB
November 20, 2008Adobe Acrobat Document81 KB
October 23, 2008Adobe Acrobat Document92 KB
September 25, 2008Adobe Acrobat Document91 KB
August 28, 2008Adobe Acrobat Document105 KB
July 24, 2008Adobe Acrobat Document100 KB
June 26, 2008Adobe Acrobat Document27 KB
May 22, 2008Adobe Acrobat Document28 KB
April 24, 2008Adobe Acrobat Document92 KB
March 27, 2008Adobe Acrobat Document30 KB
February 28, 2008Adobe Acrobat Document35 KB
January 24, 2008Adobe Acrobat Document31 KB

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