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Meeting Minutes

The Fire and Police Pension Board meets at 1:30 p.m. on the fourth Wednesday of each month (unless otherwise announced.)  Meetings are held  at the pension board offices located at 3001 North Boulevard, Tampa, FL, 33603. 

Minutes File Type File Size
July 15, 2014 Committee 3Adobe Acrobat Document454 KB
June 25, 2014Adobe Acrobat Document567 KB
June 12, 2014 Committee 3Adobe Acrobat Document235 KB
May 28, 2014Adobe Acrobat Document699 KB
April 23, 2014 Committee 3Adobe Acrobat Document383 KB
April 23, 2014Adobe Acrobat Document661 KB
April 10, 2014 Committee 3Adobe Acrobat Document367 KB
March 27, 2014 Committee 1Adobe Acrobat Document311 KB
March 27, 2014Adobe Acrobat Document378 KB
March 6, 2014 Special Meeting MinutesAdobe Acrobat Document275 KB
February 25, 2014Adobe Acrobat Document567 KB
January 22, 2014Adobe Acrobat Document783 KB
January 15, 2014 Committee 2Adobe Acrobat Document356 KB
December 18, 2013Adobe Acrobat Document598 KB
November 20, 2013Adobe Acrobat Document615 KB
October 30, 2013Adobe Acrobat Document832 KB
October 5, 2013 Emergency MeetingAdobe Acrobat Document574 KB
September 25, 2013Adobe Acrobat Document664 KB
August 28, 2013Adobe Acrobat Document404 KB
August 12, 2013 Emergency MeetingAdobe Acrobat Document80 KB
July 24, 2013Adobe Acrobat Document283 KB
June 27, 2013Adobe Acrobat Document666 KB
May 23, 2013Adobe Acrobat Document335 KB
April 24, 2013Adobe Acrobat Document719 KB
March 27, 2013Adobe Acrobat Document860 KB
February 27, 2013Adobe Acrobat Document696 KB
January 23, 2013Adobe Acrobat Document610 KB
December 19, 2012Adobe Acrobat Document354 KB
November 28, 2012Adobe Acrobat Document457 KB
October 24, 2012Adobe Acrobat Document361 KB
September 26, 2012Adobe Acrobat Document322 KB
September 17, 2012 Committee 1Adobe Acrobat Document43 KB
August 21, 2012Adobe Acrobat Document406 KB
August 20, 2012 Committee 1Adobe Acrobat Document31 KB
July 25, 2012Adobe Acrobat Document219 KB
July 13, 2012 Committee 1Adobe Acrobat Document41 KB
July 10, 2012 Committee 1Adobe Acrobat Document46 KB
June 28, 2012Adobe Acrobat Document288 KB
May 23, 2012Adobe Acrobat Document576 KB
April 25, 2012Adobe Acrobat Document884 KB
April 16, 2012 Committee 1Adobe Acrobat Document51 KB
March 22, 2012Adobe Acrobat Document484 KB
February 23, 2012Adobe Acrobat Document583 KB
February 2, 2012 Emergency Meeting MinutesAdobe Acrobat Document121 KB
January 26, 2012Adobe Acrobat Document530 KB
December 15, 2011Adobe Acrobat Document837 KB
November 17, 2011Adobe Acrobat Document773 KB
October 27, 2011Adobe Acrobat Document592 KB
September 22, 2011Adobe Acrobat Document426 KB
September 8, 2011 Minutes of the Emergency Executive SessionAdobe Acrobat Document194 KB
August 25, 2011 Minutes of the Buy-backs WorkshopAdobe Acrobat Document293 KB
August 25, 2011Adobe Acrobat Document305 KB
July 28, 2011Adobe Acrobat Document42 KB
June 23, 2011Adobe Acrobat Document120 KB
May 26, 2011Adobe Acrobat Document148 KB
April 28, 2011Adobe Acrobat Document155 KB
March 24, 2011Adobe Acrobat Document137 KB
February 24, 2011Adobe Acrobat Document171 KB
January 27, 2011Adobe Acrobat Document5,424 KB
December 16, 2010Adobe Acrobat Document165 KB
November 18, 2010Adobe Acrobat Document380 KB
October 28, 2010Adobe Acrobat Document157 KB
September 23, 2010Adobe Acrobat Document115 KB
August 26, 2010Adobe Acrobat Document163 KB
July 22, 2010Adobe Acrobat Document261 KB
June 24, 2010Adobe Acrobat Document146 KB
May 20, 2010Adobe Acrobat Document143 KB
April 22, 2010Adobe Acrobat Document215 KB
March 25, 2010Adobe Acrobat Document113 KB
February 25, 2010Adobe Acrobat Document157 KB
January 20, 2010Adobe Acrobat Document111 KB
December 17, 2009Adobe Acrobat Document41 KB
November 19, 2009Adobe Acrobat Document476 KB
October 15, 2009Adobe Acrobat Document147 KB
September 24, 2009Adobe Acrobat Document112 KB
August 27, 2009Adobe Acrobat Document117 KB
July 23, 2009Adobe Acrobat Document191 KB
June 25, 2009Adobe Acrobat Document107 KB
May 28, 2009Adobe Acrobat Document135 KB
May 12, 2009 - Committee 2Adobe Acrobat Document60 KB
April 23, 2009Adobe Acrobat Document136 KB
March 26, 2009Adobe Acrobat Document116 KB
February 26, 2009Adobe Acrobat Document116 KB
January 22, 2009Adobe Acrobat Document163 KB
December 18, 2008Adobe Acrobat Document103 KB
November 20, 2008Adobe Acrobat Document116 KB
November 7, 2008 Steering CommitteeAdobe Acrobat Document64 KB
October 23, 2008Adobe Acrobat Document159 KB
September 25, 2008Adobe Acrobat Document118 KB
August 28, 2008 Minutes continued to Sep 15, 2008Adobe Acrobat Document157 KB
August 28, 2008 Executive Session LitigationAdobe Acrobat Document70 KB
July 24, 2008Adobe Acrobat Document164 KB
June 26, 2008Adobe Acrobat Document213 KB
May 29, 2008 - Special MeetingAdobe Acrobat Document20 KB
May 22, 2008Adobe Acrobat Document46 KB
April 24, 2008Adobe Acrobat Document158 KB
March 27, 2008Adobe Acrobat Document146 KB
February 28, 2008Adobe Acrobat Document149 KB
January 24, 2008Adobe Acrobat Document58 KB
December 13, 2007Adobe Acrobat Document49 KB
November 15, 2007Adobe Acrobat Document44 KB
October 25, 2007Adobe Acrobat Document54 KB
September 27, 2007 - Executive SessionAdobe Acrobat Document13 KB
September 27, 2007Adobe Acrobat Document121 KB
August 23, 2007Adobe Acrobat Document42 KB
August 8, 2007 - Committee 2Adobe Acrobat Document12 KB
July 26, 2007Adobe Acrobat Document42 KB
June 28, 2007Adobe Acrobat Document31 KB
May 24, 2007Adobe Acrobat Document35 KB
April 26, 2007Adobe Acrobat Document40 KB
March 22, 2007Adobe Acrobat Document48 KB
March 20, 2007 - Committee 2Adobe Acrobat Document72 KB
February 22, 2007Adobe Acrobat Document38 KB
January 25, 2007Adobe Acrobat Document63 KB
January 10, 2007Adobe Acrobat Document14 KB
December 14, 2006Adobe Acrobat Document33 KB
November 16, 2006Adobe Acrobat Document128 KB
October 26, 2006Adobe Acrobat Document184 KB
September 28, 2006 - Rock Creek Center CommitteeAdobe Acrobat Document62 KB
September 28, 2006 - General Board Counsel RFP InterviewsAdobe Acrobat Document77 KB
September 28, 2006Adobe Acrobat Document168 KB
September 14, 2006 - Committee 2Adobe Acrobat Document66 KB
August 24, 2006Adobe Acrobat Document196 KB
July 27, 2006Adobe Acrobat Document121 KB
June 29, 2006 - Special MeetingAdobe Acrobat Document92 KB
June 22, 2006Adobe Acrobat Document102 KB
June 15, 2006 - Committee 2Adobe Acrobat Document58 KB
June 14, 2006 - Special Meeting and Executive SessionAdobe Acrobat Document104 KB
May 25, 2006Adobe Acrobat Document102 KB
April 27, 2006Adobe Acrobat Document111 KB
March 23, 2006Adobe Acrobat Document90 KB
February 23, 2006Adobe Acrobat Document108 KB
January 26, 2006Adobe Acrobat Document126 KB
December 15, 2005Adobe Acrobat Document109 KB
November 17, 2005Adobe Acrobat Document52 KB
October 21, 2005 - Executive SessionAdobe Acrobat Document67 KB
September 22, 2005Adobe Acrobat Document117 KB
August 25, 2005Adobe Acrobat Document124 KB
July 28, 2005Adobe Acrobat Document116 KB
June 23, 2005Adobe Acrobat Document102 KB
May 26, 2005Adobe Acrobat Document34 KB
April 28, 2005Adobe Acrobat Document120 KB
March 24, 2005Adobe Acrobat Document121 KB
February 24, 2005Adobe Acrobat Document115 KB
January 27, 2005Adobe Acrobat Document122 KB
December 16, 2004Adobe Acrobat Document132 KB
November 18, 2004Adobe Acrobat Document112 KB
October 28, 2004Adobe Acrobat Document150 KB
September 23, 2004Adobe Acrobat Document131 KB
August 26, 2004Adobe Acrobat Document136 KB

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