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Prevention Bureau
Arson Division

image of fireThe Tampa Fire Marshal's Office through City Charter is responsible for the Investigation of Cause and Origin of fires and the mitigation of Arson Cases. The Fire Investigation Division investigates Arson Cases for the Fire Marshal in the City of Tampa. The Fire Investigation Division has five (5) Investigators, three (3) on 24-hour shifts and two (2) on a 40-hour  work week.  An Investigator is available any time of the day. 

Fire Investigators for the City of Tampa are required to be State Certified Firefighters, State Certified Fire Safety Inspectors, and have attended the police academy. A Fire Investigator responds to all fires in the City of Tampa where the cause is arson, suspicious, undetermined or when there has been a death or serious injury in a fire. During a fire investigation the investigator is required to photograph the scene; collect evidence; interview witnesses, victims and owners.

The Investigators also perform after hour fire safety inspections and cite fire lane violations when needed.

The Tampa Fire Investigation Division has been very successful in Arson Investigation. They have maintained a high clearance rate (cases brought to a successful or satisfactory end).

The Investigators are part of the Tampa Arson Task Force, which investigates fires where death or serious injuries are caused by fires and fires of such magnitude or importance that the investigation crosses jurisdictional lines. The Task Force is composed of the Tampa Fire Marshals Office, the Tampa Police Department, The State Fire Marshals Office, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, the Hillsborough County State Attorney's Office.