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Special Fire Safety Requirements for Spraying Flammable or Combustible Finishes inside Buildings

From: Fire Marshal M. M. Stone
Date: October 2, 1997

wpe1F.jpg (15254 bytes)      Application shall be in accordance with NFPA #33 and the Standard Fire Prevention Code, Chapter 10.

The following conditions apply to application in previously Cleared-for-Occupancy buildings within the City of Tampa, Florida.

* Obtain necessary permit from Fire Marshal's Office.

* Applicant shall provide floor plan and/or key plan showing "spray area" and all exits, exitways, fire alarm pull stations, etc., when applying for a permit.

* A person(s) designated "fire & safety-specialist" to handle safety equipment and extinguisher, and shall remain near an extinguisher, alert, while spraying is in progress. So designated on permit application.

wpe20.jpg (13269 bytes)* Two 4 A 60 BC fire extinguishers shall be within 50 ft. of spraying at all times.

* Electric power shall be cut off to entire area while spraying is in progress.

* No smoking, welding or open flames on floor while spraying is in progress.

* Only OSHA approved power-cords and explosion-proof light fixtures shall be used to provide power and lighting, and all equipment shall be grounded to inhibit sparks.

* Use only spark-proof fans and duct hose designed for safely removing fumes to building exterior. Sufficient ventilation shall be used to eliminate vapor build-up as installation of material proceeds.

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