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Echo 2007 Class

Echo Class of 2007

Cheer on the newest CERT volunteers as they complete their CERT Basic Training class.

Rappelling 2007

While not a skill needed by CERT volunteers, the opportunity to rappel off the training building is certainly a fun perk.  Couldn't make it this year?  Watch the action and make plans for next time!

Rapelling Image
Delta Class of 2007 Photo Gallery

Delta Class of 2007

Watch the Delta Class of 2007 put out fires, learn cribbing, perform a search and rescue operation, and graduate with honors from CERT Basic Training!

First Responder Training - September 2007

City of Tampa residents can rest a little easier today, knowing that another CERT First Responder Class has finished, and more people are on the streets ready, and trained, to assist with CPR and first aid.

First Responder Training
CPR Training Photo Gallery

CPR Training - August 2007

Watch as CERT volunteers take the next step and learn more about saving lives.  CPR training is one of the many additional classes CERT volunteers can take to make sure they are ready to help in the event of an emergency.

2007 Annual Meeting

The 2007 Annual Meeting included a visit from the City's Emergency Coordinator, Chauncia Willis, a filming by Cable TV (once available, the video will be posted on the web site and shown on City of Tampa Television CTTV) and free pizza provided by NYPD Pizza.

2007 Annual Meeting
Temple Terrace Exercise Photo Gallery

Temple Terrace Exercise 2007

Do not be alarmed when you view these images!  No one was actually injured during this exercise to keep the rescue skills of CERT volunteers top notch!

June 2007 Exercise

Hopefully, Tampa will never experience an emergency requiring the services of CERT volunteers, but just in case it does, volunteers keep their skills honed in training and special exercises.

June 2007 Exercise Photo Gallery
Holiday Party Photo Gallery

Holiday Party 2006

CERT Volunteers know how to have a good time, and the annual Holiday Party is a great excuse to do it!

Westminister Class Graduation Photos

Have you met all these CERT members yet?  Here are the graduation pictures for the Westminister class.

Westminister Class Graduation Photo Galler
First Baptist of Lutz Photo Gallery

First Baptist of Lutz Final Test and Graduation Photos

Watch as the class from First Baptist of Lutz rescues "victims" from a building, performs first aid, and then graduates from their basic CERT training class.  Ready to become a volunteer?  Get all the information here.