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Certified Gold for Green Program

Tampa was certified gold by the Florida Green Building Coalition in January 2009.Green Tampa 

"The City of Tampa was the second city to reach gold-level certification with an impressive score of 41%. As part of their efforts, the City offers incentives for green commercial and residential building as well as incentives for residential Energy Star certification. Their water conservation programs are widely recognized and include car wash and fountain standards, conservation through education, incentives, and rebates for low-flow fixtures. They also apply Florida Friendly Landscaping principles, utilize integrated pest management to reduce the use of pesticides, and have conducted a city-wide energy audit of their facilities in an effort to measure and identify goals to reduce energy consumption."

Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park

Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park features sustainable construction, reclaimed water for irrigation & LED lighting

Retrofit of Parking Garage Lighting at Centro Ybor

Retrofit of parking garage lighting
at Centro Ybor