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The following documents are the companies presently certified by the City of Tampa for the Women/Minority Business Enterprise and Small Local Business Enterprise Programs. These documents are updated monthly. If you require any additional information or have questions, please call (813) 274-5522 or Fax (813) 274-5544.

WMBE Certified Companies Directory
Listed by Name

WMBE Certified Companies Directory
Listed by Type of Services

Small Local Business Enterprise Companies Directory

Listed by Name

Small Local Business Enterprise Companies Directory

 Listed by Type of Service

July 2014 (PDF, 412kb) July 2014 (XLS, 256kb) July 2014 (PDF, 124kb) July 2014 (XLS, 122kb) July 2014 (PDF, 385kb) July 2014 (XLS, 289kb) July 2014 (PDF, 123kb) July 2014 (XLS, 125kb)
June 2014 (PDF, 411kb) June 2014 (XLS, 255kb) June 2014 (PDF, 123kb) June 2014 (XLS, 123kb) June 2014 (PDF, 384kb) June 2014 (XLS, 288kb) June 2014 (PDF, 123kb) June 2014 (XLS, 124kb)
May 2014 (PDF, 410kb) May 2014 (XLS, 256kb) May 2014 (PDF, 123kb) May 2014 (XLS, 122kb) May 2014 (PDF, 388kb) May 2014 (XLS, 278kb) May 2014 (PDF, 122kb) May 2014 (XLS, 123kb)
April 2014 (PDF, 411kb) April 2014 (XLS, 255kb) April 2014 (PDF, 122kb) April 2014 (XLS, 120kb) April 2014 (PDF, 387kb) April 2014 (XLS, 277kb) April 2014 (PDF, 120kb) April 2014 (XLS, 120kb)
March 2014 (PDF, 412kb) March 2014 (XLS, 256kb) March 2014 (PDF, 123kb) March 2014 (XLS, 119kb) March 2014 (PDF, 377kb) March 2014 (XLS, 266kb) March 2014 (PDF, 118kb) March 2014 (XLS, 118kb)
February 2014 (PDF, 400kb) February 2014 (XLS, 256kb) February 2014 (PDF, 124kb) February 2014 (XLS, 118kb) February 2014 (PDF, 378kb) February 2014 (XLS, 268kb) February 2014 (PDF, 117kb) February 2014 (XLS, 117kb)
January 2014 (PDF, 401kb) January 2014 (XLS, 255kb) January 2014 (PDF, 123kb) January 2014 (XLS, 116kb) January 2014 (PDF, 377kb) January 2014 (XLS, 267kb) January 2014 (PDF, 114kb) January 2014 (PDF, 115kb)
December 2013 (PDF, 400kb) December 2013 (XLS, 256kb) December 2013 (PDF, 122kb) December 2013 (XLS, 114kb) December 2013 (PDF,378kb) December 2013 (XLS, 268kb) December 2013 (PDF, 113kb) December 2013 (XLS, 114kb)
November 2013 (PDF, 408kb) November 2013 (XLS, 256kb) November 2013 (PDF, 124kb) November 2013 (XLS, 113kb) November 2013 (PDF, 377kb) November 2013 (XLS, 267kb) November 2013 (PDF, 112kb) November 2013 (XLS, 111kb)
October 2013 (PDF, 402kb) October 2013 (XLS, 266kb) October 2013 (PDF, 123kb) October 2013 (XLS, 112kb) October 2013 (PDF, 368kb) October 2013 (XLS, 265kb) October 2013 (PDF, 111kb) October 2013 (XLS, 111kb)
September 2013 (PDF, 400kb) September 2013 (XLS, 267kb) September 2013 (PDF, 122kb) September 2013 (XLS, 111kb) September 2013 (PDF, 367kb) September 2013 (XLS, 255kb) September 2013 (PDF, 110kb) September 2013 (XLS, 105kb)
August 2013 (PDF, 401kb) August 2013 (XLS, 266kb) August 2013 (PDF, 120kb) August 2013 (XLS, 110kb) August 2013 (PDF, 367kb) August 2013 (XLS, 250kb) August 2013 (PDF, 109kb) August 2013 (XLS, 100kb)
July 2013 (PDF, 400kb) July 2013 (XLS, 268kb) July 2013 (PDF, 119kb) July 2013 (XLS, 111kb) July 2013 (PDF, 367kb) July 2013 (XLS, 251kb) July 2013 (PDF, 108kb) July 2013 (XLS, 101kb)

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