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Pool Safety Tips

The City of Tampa Parks and Recreation Department wants you to be safe around the water, so please remember these tips.

  • Always supervise children around a pool.
  • Fence and cover your pool. Make sure the fence gate is self-closure and self-locking.
  • Use a pool alarm.
  • Do not place objects near a fence that children can climb onto to get into the pool.
  • Keep a life ring near the pool at all times.
  • Be sure the telephone is handy whenever you are using the pool.
  • Dive safely. Know whether the water is deep enough, dive only in the deep end of the pool and never dive into water when another swimmer is nearby.
  • Remove vegetation and other obstacles to be sure you have a clear view of the pool from inside the house.
  • Drain standing water from pool covers. Even a few inches can be dangerous to young children.
  • Never use a pool after drinking alcohol or taking drugs.
  • Use only non-breakable items in the pool area. Never allow bottles or glass around the pool.
  • Enforce the buddy system -- never let anyone swim alone.
  • Don't enter a pool if you can't see the bottom of the deep end of the pool or the water is cloudy.
  • Never eat or chew gum while swimming -- you might choke.
  • Never swim under diving boards and slides.
  • Go down slides in a sitting position with your feet first. Never go headfirst or you might injure your head, neck or back.

Sources: American Red Cross, National Safety Council, National Spa & Pool Institute