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Meet Tampa Police K-9's and their Handlers.

The Tampa Police Department "employs" 22 police K-9's from six breeds trained in criminal captures, search and rescue, narcotic searches and bomb detection. The dogs go through an initial training program and are recertified each year through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

The K-9's are certified either as a dual purpose or single purpose dog. The single purpose dogs have one job; search and rescue, sniffing out drugs or detecting explosives. Dual purpose dogs catch the bad guys and have another job such as searching for explosives or narcotics. Dual purpose dogs are aggressive when catching the bad guy, but they have an "off switch" and they are also part of the handler's family. In fact, the K-9's live with their human partners and when they retire, they spend their golden years relaxing with their handler.

The Tampa Police Departments K-9 Unit is dedicated to the apprehension of criminal suspects. Its handler and dog team search capabilities are a valuable resource to street officers and to the community to which they serve.