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Honor Guard Frequently Asked Questions

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Honoring A Fallen Officer
For questions regarding the Tampa Police Honor Guard call:
(813) 310-2770 or (813) 299-3574
Q.  What are the requirements in becoming an Honor Guard member?
A.  The Honor Guard requires that its members be active duty officers with a minimal of two years experience and be in good standing with the department.  In addition, the officers must possess a military bearing and a level of physical fitness to accomplish the precision and professional demeanor dictated by their command performance.  These officers are dedicated and will to sacrifice their time and effort to commemorate our fallen brethren with the Honor and Respect they are due.
Q.  How many members are on the Honor Guard?
A.  There are 22 full-time members (21 officers and one Sergeant of the Guard).
Q.  What is the Honor Guard's motto?
A.  "Standing tall for those who have fallen."