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Personal Protection

Child Abuse Program

Child Abuse


The program familiarizes citizens with current family and child problems along with the role of the police and the law.

Drug & Alcohol Awareness

Drug AbuseA straightforward presentation about narcotics and alcohol and how users and communities are affected.  Real drug paraphernalia is exhibited together with police undercover video of drug dealers, users, and rave scenes.  Highlighted drugs include marijuana, crack cocaine, and designer drugs.

Gasparilla Educational Outreach - for over one hundred years the City of Tampa has enjoyed the magnificence and excitement of the Gasparilla Day Parade.  Alcohol AbuseDue to the City of Tampa's vision to keep Gasparilla a responsible event the City of Tampa Police Department adopted a "Zero Tolerance Policy" which strictly enforces quality of life issues such as public intoxication, underage alcohol laws, and disorderly conduct to name a few.

With the "Zero Tolerance Policy" in effect, the City of Tampa along with the event promoters and sponsors set out on an educational outreach initiative.  During the months of January and February, the program targets both public and private high schools along with MacDill AFB promoting responsible behavior at the event.

Fraud Prevention

The program gives preventative tips to citizens on a variety of con games that are in circulation.  Prize offers, pyramid schemes, chain letters, magazine sales, bogus prize offers, and travel vacation scams are just a few that are covered in this presentation.

Hurricane Awareness

Hurricane AwarenessA presentation covering the physical and mental emergency preparedness for natural disasters (primarily hurricanes).  The potential danger of a hurricane can be minimized with preparation beforehand accompanied by knowledge of how to respond during one.  The focus  is to lesson property damage, reduce panic and fear, and to save lives.

Personal Protection

Criminals often look for opportunities and take advantage of easy targets.  The Personal Protection program offers tips on being aware of one's surroundings and recognizing dangerous situations.  Topics include target hardening, types of criminals, walking, vehicle safety, shopping, weapons, car jacking, and phony police officers.  The fundamental concept is to reduce the individual's exposure to crime.

Road Rage

This program introduces the problems of aggressive driving and road rage.  Tips are given to the audience on how to avoid road rage situations stemming from others and even themselves.  A 10 minute video called "Preventing Road Rage; Anger Management for Drivers" from the AAA foundation for Traffic Safety is used in the presentation.

Telemarketing Scams

The program discusses fraudulent telemarketing along with methods of protection against abusive and deceptive telemarketers.

Verbal Defense

Physical altercations and other problems are often a result of a miscommunication between two parties.  Verbal Defense covers basic communication skills and teaches the audience how to deescalate possible verbal confrontations.  An interactive exercise on communication is demonstrated at the end of the presentation.