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Property Crime Prevention

Burglar Smashing A Window DoorThe Home & Business Burglary Prevention Program is designed to increase the citizen's awareness of preventative tips and techniques on how to protect their home and/or business.  Practical and inexpensive ways to safeguard yourself, your family, your personal property, and your home are discussed.

Home and Business Security is a large part of crime prevention.  A free and confidential security survey of your home or business is provided by professionally trained law enforcement officers who conduct the survey and offer tips on how to make you home or business more secure.  For more information or to schedule a survey please contact your Police District Neighborhood Affairs Liaison.  You can find your district and Neighborhood Affairs Liaison phone numbers here.

One very beneficial tool in combating theft is Operation Identification.  This program entails marking your valuables by engraving your driver's license number on them to deter theft and facilitate the recovery of your belongings should a theft occur.  Quite often officers recover stolen items but are unable to determine the legitimate owner.  With this program, items recovered even in an unrelated investigation can be returned to its owner. 

Citizens empowered with knowledge are the best line of defense against burglary and theft.  Neighborhood Watch is another excellent avenue for gaining knowledge about protecting your home and business.

Did you know auto theft is about one third of the cost of your auto insurance premium according to the Insurance Information Institute.  Auto Theft Prevention educates the general public about the serious consequences of vehicle theft while offering tips and information on how to combat theft by utilizing the C.A.T. program.  Many of the anti-theft deterrents are mentioned and demonstrated for the community.