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Section 3 - Business Applications

3.  Business Applications

    3.8.           Geospatial Systems

        3.8.1     Creating Geospatial Data

       Software Platforms and Data Formats

       Layer Naming Conventions

       Attribute Column Names


       Map Projections

        3.8.2     Grids and Coordinate Systems

        3.8.3     Remote Sensing

        3.8.4     Cartographic Standards

       Required Map Elements

        3.8.5     Global Positioning System (GPS)

        3.8.6     Surveying

        3.8.7     Emergency Management

       State Standard Map Templates

       Emergency Response GIS Electronic Asset Sets   

        3.8.8     Master Address File (MAF) and Street Centerline File

       Creating Geocoded Data

        Address Management Policy

        3.8.9     Geospatial Metadata

       Geospatial Metadata Standard

       Creating, Updating and Maintaining Geospatial Metadata

        3.8.10     Data Maintenance and Quality Control Process

      Data Steward Roles and Responsibilities

      Data Maintenance Agreement

      Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) Procedures

      Non-Compliance with Data Maintenance Agreement

        3.8.13    Accessing Data

      Available GIS Applications

      Data Available for Download

      Web Services

        3.8.14    GIS Software and Licensing Policy

        3.8.15    GIS Resources




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