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High Speed Rail Study

The Florida High Speed Rail Authority (FHSRA), since 2001, has been tasked with providing planning, administering, and implementing a high speed rail system in Florida.  FHSRA has proposed eight alternatives for a high speed rail system which would be provided between Downtown Tampa to the Orlando International Airport, within the right-of-way of Interstate 4 and 275, Figure S-2.  An alternative corridor was also considered, which was not within the right-of-way of I-4, Figure S-3.

The FHSRA has determined a preferred alternative to the location of the high speed rail system, Figure S-4. Public workshops and meetings are ongoing to discuss the future of the high speed rail system and impacts on the surrounding environment.  At this time, the Final Environmental Impact Statement has been completed, however, a completion date for the Tampa-Orlando segment has not been determined.