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Transportation and Stormwater Services Department

Transportation Division

The Transportation and Stormwater Services Department provides safe mobility by maintaining Right of Way assets such as Roads, Traffic Signals, Traffic Signs, Pavement Markings, Special Events, Permit Inspections, Stormwater drainage and movable Bridges. The department is also responsible for transportation planning, project development and management, traffic engineering, right of way permitting, and mass transit initiatives, as well as the City's overall mobility needs. The Transportation and Stormwater Services department reports directly to the Administrator of Public Works and Utilities Services.

 New Tampa Bridge conceptual sketch

Above is the conceptual sketch for the New Tampa Bridge Project.  The New Tampa Bridge Project is scheduled to be a 24 month project, starting in the summer 2011 and ending in the summer 2013.

Hillsborough County is fully rehabilitating the Platt Street Bridge, as the bridge is in need of major repairs.

The Transportation Division has two main sections, the Traffic Engineering Section and the Planning and Project Management Section. The Traffic Engineering Section is responsible for investigating and evaluating traffic operation issues, including, but not limited to, speed studies, cut thru traffic, and school safety, traffic signal and stop sign requests, driveway requests through right-of-way permitting, and 5-minute parking sign information.

The Planning and Project Management Section is responsible for projects, such as Complete Street Projects, the Truck Route Study, Cross Creek Widening, and the Bayshore Blvd. Enhancement Project, as well as surveying support for City projects.  Other responsibilities include updating traffic counts, maintaining Transportation impact fee ledgers and issuing refunds, and driveway variances and alternative design exceptions.

Please proceed to the Roundabout User's Video link for easy instructions on the proper way to use the innovative roundabout roadway design.  The Virginia Department of Transportation has an 8 -minute instructional video on their website titled, "Driving Modern Roundabouts: Rules of the road: video."  This video can be found at the top of the page, under the "Audio/Video" section.