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  • Generate bid documents (plans/specifications) for construction by contractors.
  • Generate plans and specifications for construction by in-house forces.
  • Gather electrical energy consumption data, on a monthly basis, for all Wastewater facilities and perform various statistical analyses to discover any billing or operational irregularities.

  • Make electrical energy budget projections using the historical data and TECO's planned rate adjustments.

  • Perform a monthly analysis of the cogeneration facility located at the AWT Plant to quantify energy production and cost savings.

  • Assist the AWT Plant and collection system personnel in the solution of electrical problems on a "as needed" basis.

  • Provide project coordination between the City, TECO, and GTE.
  • Review developer electrical designs for pumping stations or other facilities that the City may appropriate.

  • Interface with and assist consulting engineers doing work for the City.

  • Review and approve/reject working drawings and component cutsheets submitted by the Contractor for construction.

  • Interface with the City's Electrical Plans Examiner, Inspector, and Fire Marshal as necessary for design approval. 

  • Assist the Department's Inspectors as necessary during project construction phase.
  • Review as-built information prior to drafting for records.
  • Attend pre-bid, pre-construction, and progress meetings as necessary during the execution of the Contract.