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Civil Engineering

In the Design Division, there are many services that are performed throughout the year. Below is a listing of what is included in those services.

  • Preparation of plans and specifications for bid:
    • Survey and plot base drawings.
    • Conceptualize the design and prepare cost estimates.
    • Coordinate with other utilities as required.
    • Oversee regulatory permit acquisition as required.
    • Plot design and prepare specifications.
    • Attend pre-bid meetings as required.
  • Monitor projects through completion:
    • Attend pre-construction meetings.
    • Review shop drawings.
    • Work with field engineering personnel to resolve problems as needed.
  • Preparation of plans for wastewater:
    • Survey and plot base drawings.
    • Plot design and prepare work orders.
    • Go through review loop.
    • Coordinate with other utilities.
  • Provide immediate response design services for emergencies (i.e. cave-ins, mechanical and electrical failures, storm events etc.):
    • Assess the situation in the field.
    • Analyze/obtain flow monitoring data as required.
    • Prepare sketches or drawings immediately as required.
    • Assist in materials procurement if needed.
  • Developer Review:
    • Provide technical standards manual for consulting engineers.
    • Review all developer plans which will be transferred to the City for ownership and maintenance for compliance with Departmental standards.

    • Perform hydraulic analyses on all proposed pumping stations which will connect to our system.
    • On large developments ,work together with the consulting engineer to properly and economically size the proposed pumping stations and lay out the collection systems.

    • Process FDOT and EPC permits.
    • Work with field engineering personnel to resolve construction related problems as needed.
    • Review non-standard shop drawings.
  • Miscellaneous design services:
    • Flow monitoring (data collection and analysis)
    • Construction models/materials review.
    • Sanitary Sewer overflow prevention.
    • Evaluate and resolve odor complaints.
    • Evaluate and resolve pumping complaints by owners of private pumping stations.