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Best Management Practices

Don't Feed the Grease Goblin




Grease Goblin

The Grease Goblin

Last seen Loitering in sinks and drains

Wanted for Causing Sewer Overflows





  DoPut Oils and Grease in a collection container     Do Not Pour Oil and Grease down drains
  DoRemove Oil and Grease from kitchen utensils, equipment, and food preparation areas with scrapers/towels/brooms     Do Not Wash fryers/griddles, pots/pans and plates with water until oil and grease are removed
  DoKeep grease out of wash water     Do Not Use hot water to rinse grease off surfaces 
  DoPlace food scraps in collection containers     Do Not Put food scraps down drains

Help keep this guy out of your drains and into the hands of proper authorities


Used with permission of the Georgia Pollution Prevention Assistance Division


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