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Saving Our Precious Water Resources

Learn about ways to save water at home or work. Using water efficiently is good for the environment, for fish and other wildlife, and for our future. And it can help you manage your water bills, too!

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Resources for our customers:
Water Efficiency and Conservation Programs:
  • Build Your Own Rebate (BYOR) Program
  • Community Water-Wise Awards
  • Home Improvement Education Scholarships
  • ICI (Industrial-Commercial-Institutional Water Efficiency Evaluations)
  • Plumbing Retrofit Materials
  • Put A Lid On Leaks
  • Rain Barrel Workshops
  • Request a Rain Sensor
  •  Water Conservation Education Program
  • Water Conservation Ordinances:
  • Plumbing Code
  • Water Use Restrictions

    (page last reviewed: 11/22/13)