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Water Efficiency Non-Residential Checklist

These checklists will help facility managers evaluate the appropriateness of water-saving adjustments for improving the efficiency of your business. Remember, water savings often bring energy savings, too.

This information is based on the results of water use evaluations of 26 industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) facilities throughout the Tampa Bay area. These checklist has been adapted from a publication of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and the Southwest Florida Water Management District.

Many of the water-saving suggestions involve specific equipment. Contact the Southwest Florida Water Management District for information about water-conservation equipment for ICI facilities. These simple checklists can get you on your way to reducing your water use and improving the efficiency of your facility!

NEW! Water Use Efficiency Tools for Facility Managers
This hands-on, comprehensive
Water Efficiency and Self-Conducted Water Audits at Commercial and Institutional Facilities Guide was developed by the South Florida Water Management District to help managers understand their building's water use and develop a plan of action to increase efficiency without sacrificing performance. The manual and how-to spreadsheet calculators can be downloaded here »

(page last reviewed: 11/22/13)