Manager Of Ybor City Community Redevelopment Area

Manager Of Ybor City Community Redevelopment Area

Vince J. Pardo

Vince Pardo

Ybor City Community Redevelopment Area

Professionally, Vince was employed for 30 years with Hillsborough County government, overseeing a variety of departments providing human services, community development, planning services, criminal justice and substance abuse, neighborhood relations, grant administration and procurementprograms. In 1999, Vince was offered the opportunity to work with the City of Tampa as Manager of the Ybor City Development Corporation (YCDC), a division ofthe City of Tampa's Urban Development Department. Vince J. Pardo is a native of Tampa's Ybor City. Forthe past 25 years, he has served in a variety of voluntary capacities, whichinclude President of the Ybor City Chamber of Commerce, the Italian Club, the Ybor Coalition, Tampa-Agrigento Sister Cities Committee and the Consortium of Historic Clubs. He has served additionally with the Barrio Latino Commission, the Ybor City State Museum, the Ybor Roundtable and the Ybor Redevelopment Agency. He is a recipient of several community awards including the Don Vicente Ybor Award, the Sam Leto Award and the Paolo Longo award. Vince is a graduate of Brandon High School. He graduated from the University of South Florida with a BA in Psychology/Sociology and has completed major graduate course work in Public Administration. 

Although Vince and the division's staff are employees of the City of Tampa,one of their primary responsibilities is to provide professional staff support to the non-profit Ybor City Development Corporation, Inc. (Corporation). The Corporation serves as a community roundtable representing every majorstakeholder category and organization in Ybor City. YCDC and the Corporation areresponsible for overseeing development activities within Ybor City's 2 Community Redevelopment Areas and the Ybor City National Historic Landmark District. YCDC activities include short and long range planning, administration of 2 Tax Increment Funds, coordinating District operational issues such as infrastructure improvements, signage, parking, traffic, marketing, security, cleanliness and esthetics. The division also manages a District Ambassador Program and an around the clock clean team referred to as the YES Team.