Wild Fires

Florida averages 5,000 wildfires each year. Florida averages 5,000 wildfires each year. Since 1995, more than two million acres of forestland has been burned by wildfires, and arson was the cause of about 20 percent of these fires.

As more people move to the state and build homes in and around forested areas, this problem will continue to get worse. Prevention is the key to reduce the number of human-caused fires.

A wild land fire can leave a large amount of scorched and barren land. These areas may not return to pre-fire conditions for decades. If the wild land fire destroyed the ground cover, then erosion becomes a serious potential problem.

To protect yourself and your property from wildfires, clean away all brush and trash "anything that will readily catch fire" for a minimum of 30 feet from your home. 

Florida has one of the most aggressive prescribed fire programs in the country. The Division of Forestry issues permits for all prescribed fires in the state and authorizes where and when these fires can take place. 

For more information look at the Florida Division of Emergency Management Wildfire information