Rescue Division

Rescue Division

Rescue Division

"Dedicated To Saving Lives"

The Rescue Division of Tampa Fire Rescue is under the direct supervision of the Rescue Chief. The Division is staffed by forty-five Lieutenants, sixty-six Paramedic/Drivers, Quality Management Officer, Rescue Division Officer and the Division Chief. The shift personnel are divided into three shifts. The three shifts rotate working twenty-four hours on duty and forty-eight hours off duty. Each shift staffs 14 Advanced Life Support (ALS) Transport units, 20 ALS Engine companies, 1 Airport Rescue Paramedic unit housed at the Tampa International Airport Terminal, and 15 members of the Tactical Medical Response Team protecting 116 square miles and a population of 333,000. The Rescue companies are able to perform Advanced Life Support procedures under the direction of a Medical Director. The Medical Director writes medical protocols and supervises training for all Tampa Fire Rescue personnel. The objective of Tampa Fire Rescue is to maintain a response time of less than six minutes to all medical alarms.

  • In 2009, there were 57,227 calls for medical assistance.

  • Of those, 15,408 were transported to the hospital by a Tampa Fire Rescue Advanced Life Support Unit.

  • In 2009 Tampa Fire Rescue responded to 258 cardiac arrests.

  • The Rescue Division is comprised of 117 paramedics, of which there are 45 Lieutenants, 66 Paramedic/Drivers, 1 Rescue Chief, 1 Rescue Division Officer, and 1 Quality Management Officer.

  • One ALS Transport Unit costs $153,000.

  • Each ALS Transport Unit carries about $58,000 worth of Emergency Medical Equipment

Medical Director

Dr. Cathy Carrubba is the medical director for the Tampa Fire Rescue. She can be reachedby phone at (813) 274-7005