Rescue Division

"Dedicated To Saving Lives"

The Rescue Division of Tampa Fire Rescue is under the direct supervision of the Rescue Chief. The Division is staffed by forty-five Lieutenants, sixty-six Paramedic/Drivers, Quality Management Officer, Rescue Division Officer and the Division Chief. The shift personnel are divided into three shifts. The three shifts rotate working twenty-four hours on duty and forty-eight hours off duty. Each shift staffs 14 Advanced Life Support (ALS) Transport units, 20 ALS Engine companies, 1 Airport Rescue Paramedic unit housed at the Tampa International Airport Terminal, and 15 members of the Tactical Medical Response Team protecting 116 square miles and a population of 333,000. The Rescue companies are able to perform Advanced Life Support procedures under the direction of a Medical Director. The Medical Director writes medical protocols and supervises training for all Tampa Fire Rescue personnel. The objective of Tampa Fire Rescue is to maintain a response time of less than six minutes to all medical alarms.

  • In 2009, there were 57,227 calls for medical assistance.

  • Of those, 15,408 were transported to the hospital by a Tampa Fire Rescue Advanced Life Support Unit.

  • In 2009 Tampa Fire Rescue responded to 258 cardiac arrests.

  • The Rescue Division is comprised of 117 paramedics, of which there are 45 Lieutenants, 66 Paramedic/Drivers, 1 Rescue Chief, 1 Rescue Division Officer, and 1 Quality Management Officer.

  • One ALS Transport Unit costs $153,000.

  • Each ALS Transport Unit carries about $58,000 worth of Emergency Medical Equipment

Medical Director

Dr. Cathy Carrubba is the medical director for the Tampa Fire Rescue. She can be reachedby phone at (813) 274-7005