Permit Fees For Users Or Processes

Permits shall be issued for various activities or processes that image of firefighters.may cause or contribute to the spread of fire or hazardous conditions in any given occupancy. Permit fees shall be charged in addition to the Fire Code Compliance Inspection for the base occupancy.

Permit Type Proposed Inspection Fee/
2nd Reinspection Fee

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Annual Permit):

  • Includes:  Sales, Filling containers, Transporting, Storage, Handling, and Installations:  $70.00

Temporary Tent Permit:

  • Tents or Air Supported Structures:   $60.00
  • Each additional Tent or Structure:     $40.00
  • Blasting Permit:    $150.00
  • Public Fireworks Display Permit:      $200.00
  • Pyrotechnics Before Proximate Audience:    $200.00
  • Small Pyro Display of Three Flashpots or Less. $30.00
  • Retail Sales of Sparklers Permit:    $100.00
  • Seasonal Sales of Sparklers Permit:   $100.00
  • Wholesale Fireworks Permit:   $200.00
  • Other Permits as Described in the Florida Fire Prevention Code:
  • Prevention Code, Temporary or Annual:   $70.00