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Not Breathing


  • Remove any pillows from under the head

  • Place one of your hands under the neck, the other on the forehead and tilt their head backwards

  • If they start to vomit or drool, turn them on their side immediately

  • Determine if the person is breathing

  • Put your ear next to their mouth. See if you can feel or hear any breathing or if you can see the chest rise

  • Start mouth to mouth ventilations. Place one hand under the neck, the other on the forehead and tilt the head back. Pinch the nose closed.

  • Completely cover their mouth with your mouth

  • Give 2 deep breaths of air into the lungs, just enough for the chest to rise with each breath:

  • Check for a pulse:

  • Slide your index and middle fingers into the groove next to the Adam's apple.

  • Feel carefully for a pulse. Don't press too hard.

  • Feel for 5 seconds.

  • Try the other side of the neck.

  • Feel carefully for 5 seconds again.

  • If there is no pulse, put the heel of your hand on the breastbone in the center of their chest, right between the nipples. Put your other hand on top of that hand.

  • Push down firmly 2 inches with only the heel of your lower hand touching the chest. Do it 15 times, just like you were pumping their chest twice a second.

  • Pinch the nose closed and tilt their head back again. Give 2 more breaths then pump the chest 15 more times.

  • Keep repeating this cycle of 2 breaths then 15 pumps until help arrives.

  • If they start breathing, stop the breaths. If the pulse returns, stop the pumps.

  • Always remember to keep calm.

  • If the patient is on any medications, please get them out for the paramedics. Write down¬† the name and phone number of their doctor.