Special Events And Annual Assembly Permits

Special Events And Annual Assembly Permits

Special Events and Annual Assembly Permits

 To:Prospective Assembly Event Sponsors

Effective date: October 2, 1997

Subject: Special Indoor and OutdoorEvent and Annual Assembly Permits Requirements

The City of Tampa Fire Marshal's Office has adopted theStandard Fire Prevention Code, 1985 Edition, Chapter 31-AssemblyOccupancies-as office policy. A permit is required for anyoccupancy which is defined as an assembly. A fee of $25.00 isrequired at the time of application. The application must befilled out by an authorized agent of the event sponsors. Anyevent over 300 persons requires an event layout (featuring exitlocations and exact size of exits; net square footage of whereevent is being held; type of assembly arrangement; all means ofegress components; and if special effects or pyrotechnics areused or any cooking heating, LP, open flame devices are used.)Permit and event plan must be approved by this office 10 daysprior to event, if at all possible.


Whenever it is essential for public safety in a place ofpublic assembly or any other place where people congregate due tothe number of persons, or the nature of the performance,exhibition, display, contest or activity. The Fire Marshal mayrequire the employ of one or more experienced Inspectors to be onduty at such place. Said Inspectors shall be in uniform andremain on duty during the time such places are open to the publicor such activity is being conducted. Event sponsors areresponsible at the time of service rendered for payment to theFire Inspector. 

Class C* Assembly 50 to 299*May require Firewatch/Fire Inspector staffing
Class B* Assembly 300 to 1000Occupant Loads
50 - 600 1 Fire Inspector
Over 600 1 Fire Inspector
Class A* Assembly over 1000Over 1000 2 Fire Inspectors or more as determined by the Fire Marshal