Permit Procedures

Permit Procedures

Permit Procedures

Effective date: October 2, 1997

1. The applicant brings in two sets of plansalong with a completed application.


2. The applicant submits the plans andapplication at the express commercial counter to be placed in thedesignated Fire Inspector's bin. The Fire Inspectors will checkthe bin daily for any plans to be reviewed.

3. The Fire Inspectors review the plans forthe type of permit requested on the Fire Marshal PermitApplication.

a) If plans are disapproved,the Fire Inspector calls the applicant to provide status ofreview and arrange for pick up of plans or meeting with theapplicant. Once the plans are revised Step 2 is repeated.

b) If theplans are approved,the Fire Inspector brings the plans to the Permit Center andplaces them in the designated Fire Marshal Permit intake bin forprocessing.

4. The Permit Technician verifies a valid situs address andthe type of permit to be issued.

a) If there is an existing project, the permitwill be added to the project.

b) If there is no existing project, a projectcalled "Fire Marshal Permit" is created, and the permitis created as identified on the application; comments requestedby Fire Marshal as well as the name of the Inspector who approvedthe plans are entered.

5. Upon creation of the permit, the Permit Techniciannotifies the applicant that the permit is ready to be issued.


These procedures do not apply to AboveGround Tank Installation; Underground Tank Installation; FireAlarm; and Fire Protection (sprinkler system).

For these the Plan Review distribution matrix must befollowed.