Tent Permits

Tent Permits

Tent Permits

From: Fire Marshal M. M. Stone
Date: October 2,1997


wpe10.jpg (16313 bytes)1) Contractors will bring "Permit Applications"along with other necessary paperwork to the Fire Marshal's Officefor review.

2) There will be no project number assigned and no"PHOLD" to release.

3) Review the plans and either APP or DISAPP.

4) The Permit Technician will only issue the Permit basedon FM APP stamped on plans.

wpe11.jpg (13819 bytes)5) We will receive the yellow copy of the permit the nextmorning. Attach the yellow copy to the APP plans and forward allpaperwork to: 808 E. Zack Street.

6) Be sure to include event date so the Inspector will knowwhen to do the inspection.

7) Tents that have an occupant load of 100 or more requirea FMPM Place of Assembly Permit.

*IMPORTANT: Applicant MUST have FMPMPlace of Assembly Permit BEFORE the Tent Application can be APP.