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Tampa Fire Rescue reminds motorists to be safe during first day of school               


In an effort to remind motorists to be extra cautious as the new school year begins in Hillsborough County, Tampa Fire Rescue firefighters will be at local schools on the first day of classes.

“Many people may not be aware that school is back in session,” said Tampa Fire Chief Tom Forward. “By having our firefighters out in force we can help to ensure that drivers are extra cautious in and around school zones to maximize safety as the students return to class after the long summer break.”

Tampa Fire Rescue has participated in Back to School awareness events for years and has made school zone safety a top priority.

“Nothing is more precious than our children and we want to make sure nothing prevents them from getting to and from school safely,” Forward said.

Below is a complete list of where firefighters and apparatus will be staged at schools within the city of Tampa:


District 1

Rampello Elementary, 802 E Washington, 33602

B.T. Washington Elementary, 1407 E Estelle St, 33605

Lockhart Elementary, 3719 N 17th St, 33605

Desoto Elementary, 2618 Corrine St, 33605

Potter Elementary, 3224 E Cayuga St, 33610

Oak Park Elementary, 2716 N 46th St, 33605

District 2

Mitchell Elementary, 205 Bungalow Park, 33609

Grady Elementary, 3910 W Morrison, 33629

Dale Mabry Elementary, 4201 W Estrella St, 33629

Chiaramonte Elementary, 6001 S Himes, 33611

Gorrie Elementary, 705 W DeLeon St, 33606

Westshore Elementary, 7110 S West Shore Blvd, 33616

District 3

Cahoon Elementary, 2312 E Yukon St, 33604

Sligh Elementary, 2011 E Sligh Ave, 33610

Tampa Palms Elementary, 6100 Tampa Palms Blvd, 33647

Hunters Green Elementary, 9202 Highland Oak Dr, 33647

Benito Middle School, 10101 Cross Creek Blvd, 33647

Heritage Elementary, 18201 E Meadow Rd, 33647

District 4

Broward Elementary, 400 W Osborne Ave, 33603

Seminole Heights Elementary, 6201 N Central Ave, 33604

Lavoy Elementary, 4410 W Main St, 33607

West Tampa Elementary, 2700 W Cherry St, 33607

Sulphur Springs Elementary, 8412 N 13th St, 33604

Alexander Elementary, 5602 N Lois Ave, 33614

Appearance at each school is conditional according to public safety requirements. All companies will be in service and available to respond to incidents as normal. 

For Public Record requests for 9-1-1 recordings contact the Fire Communications Manager at 813-232-6802.

For questions regarding the 9-1-1 center contact the Fire Communications Manager at 813-232-6802.

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