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This document provides a listing and brief description of the GIS-related information that is published as reference data for use by City of Tampa agencies. The City of Tampa does not recommend, endorse or authorize the use of this information for any specific purpose, and shall be held harmless from any damages arising from the use of this information, whether used "as is" or in any modified form.

The GIS data is offered as is, with no claim or warranty as to its accuracy or completeness. The maps are for reference only and should not be considered to be of survey precision. None of the information is official source documentation. And, while considerable effort is made to verify the information, due to it's volume and highly dynamic nature, only the official source documents should be used where accuracy, completeness and currency are required. However, if errors are discovered, we urge you to City of Tampa Stormwater at so that corrections can be made accordingly.

Any and all data translation or re-projection, apart from the provided formats, is the responsibility of the recipient.

download now Ponds: Stormwater treatment ponds within the City (this layer is not a complete list of all existing ponds)
download now Basins: Drainage boundaries as controlled by City stormwater infrastructure
download now Ditches: City of Tampa stormwater ditches and/or swales
download now Box Culverts: City of Tampa box culverts
download now Control Structures: Structure that controls discharge elevation within a stormwater pond
download now Valves: Gate valve used to control stormwater pond elevations
download now Headwalls: Headwall at stormwater system
download now Inlets: Stormwater inlet (aka storm drain)
download now Junctions: Intersect point of two separate stormwater segments
download now Manholes: Stormwater Manhole
download now Mitered Ends: Mitered-end section of a stormwater conveyance segment
download now Pump Stations: Stormwater pump station
download now BMP Structures: Water Quality treatment/BMP devices
download now Pipes: Stomwater pipe, including City of Tampa, FDOT, and some private systems

Please contact the City of Tampa Stormwater Department with any questions pertaining to the above layers.

The City has provided a digital library of GIS layers for use with either MapInfo or ESRI GIS software.

Downloaded files are packaged as .zip and must be extracted prior to use in your mapping program. To extract files, right-click the compressed folder, and then clickExtract All. In the Compressed (zipped) Folders Extraction Wizard, specify where you want to store the extracted files.

If you do not have a license for this software you may download a free viewer. Once the free viewer has been installed, you may open the files downloaded using the appropriate software.

Links to these, and other free viewers can be found HERE