Become A Volunteer

Be Prepared!

In the event of a major disaster emergency services can be overwhelmed leaving us to manage on our own. Would you be able to take care of your family, your neighbors and your community? CERT volunteers can!

What is CERT?

The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is a federally approved program that trains citizens like you to be prepared for and respond to emergencies that may arise in their community. Greater Tampa CERT is a locally based, non-profit group dedicated to providing citizens with the knowledge, training and resources to help their families, their neighbors and their community.

CERT Training

CERT training enables you to respond to emergencies by applying basic response and organizational skills. CERT members can also serve as first responders to an emergency until professional emergency services arrive. Greater Tampa CERT training courses are conducted by the Tampa Fire Rescue and other emergency response professionals and emphasize personal safety while helping others. Organized groups of CERT trained volunteers are an important asset to a community's overall emergency response capabilities. CERT training requires approximately 24 hours to complete. Evening and weekend sessions are given and can be arranged for individuals or groups wishing to train together. Each participant will receive a training manual, CERT kit and certificate upon completion of the course.

Continuing Education

Training is held monthly throughout the county.  CERT members participate in mock disasters, community events, and disaster preparedness activities throughout the year.