CERT Basic Training

The purpose of this Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Course is to provide citizens with the basic skills needed during a major disaster. This training will allow graduates to respond to the immediate need of their community in the aftermath of a major disaster - the time when emergency services may not be immediately available. By working together, CERT members can assist in saving lives and protecting property by implementing the basic techniques taught in this course.

Course Outline:

  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Disaster Medical I & II
  • Light Search & Rescue
  • Fire Safety
  • CERT Organization
  • Disaster Psychology
  • Terrorism & CERT
  • Final Disaster Simulation Exercise

In order for members to maintain and refine their skills Greater Tampa CERT holds monthly meetings / continued education series throughout the county. In addition, CERT members participate in various emergency preparedness activities.

Persons interested in signing up for CERT basic  training may call the Tampa Fire Training Academy at (813) 242-5410 or request to be added to the notification list.

CERT basic training requires approximately 24 hours to complete. Evening and weekend sessions can be arranged. Each participant will receive a training manual, CERT kit and certificate upon completion of the course.