When emergencies happen, how do we get the help we need? Usually by calling upon someone to assist us, such as someone in your family, a friend, or the professionals at 911. We use telephones, cell phones, or computers to send our messages. Communicating our needs to those who can help us isn't usually a problem.

What happens when the usual means of communicating fail? The only reliable means of communicating after major disasters is Amateur Radio!

Jodie on the radio at the 2007 Mass Casualty exercise.

Getting Your Amateur Radio License

Greater Tampa CERT encourages all members to get their radio license as soon as they possibly can. Classes to help pass the test are going on around the area frequently. There are websites with practice tests, and websites with information for "hams" to use to learn more about emergency communications.


Greater Tampa CERT conducts a "net" on every Wednesday night starting at 8:00 p.m. on the TARC (Tampa Amateur Radio Club) repeater at frequency 147.105 with a pl tone of 146.2. This is a relaxed forum for new hams, and experienced hams, to learn how organized communication "nets" work.

Get to Know Your Radio Night

"Get to Know Your Radio Night" is held every second Wednesday of each month (the night before our monthly CERT meetings) at theTARC clubhouse located at7801 N 22nd Street in Tampa.  It begins at 7 p.m. each Wednesday and runs until the end of the CERT Net.  The purpose is to give new amateur radio operators a chance to practice their skills in a relaxed and supportive environment.  If you own a radio, bring it along for some expert advice on how to program and operate it.  If you don't own a radio, come to the clubhouse and learn to use a handy talkie and/or mobile radio with instruction from an "Elmer" (which is the ham word for a "mentor").

For more information on any of these events,  please contact Jodi Pecoraro