Greater Tampa CERT Meeting Minutes

Planning Meeting Minutes

04/29/2014 (pdf, 179k)

03/25/2014 (pdf, 175kb)
02/25/2014 (pdf, 207kb)

09/24/2013 (pdf, 28kb)

09/04/12 (pdf, 55kb)
08/07/2012 (pdf, 55kb)

11/01/2011 (pdf, 37kb)
08/02/2011 (pdf, 58K)
05/03/2011 (pdf, 59K)
02/01/2011 (pdf, 61K)


Other Meeting Minutes

Team Leader Meeting Minutes from 07/08/2008 (pdf, 15K)

Planning Meetings are typically held on the first Tuesday of the month, at the Tampa Fire Rescue training facility, 116 34th Street, Tampa, FL 33605.  All CERT members are welcome to attend.

Meeting minutes are in PDF format.  Please be sure you have the  free Adobe PDF Reader prior to viewing.