Greater Tampa CERT - 2008 Year In Review

  • We had 6 basic CERT training classes and we trained approximately 165 new members.
  • We conducted a first responder class and graduated approximately 24 members.
  • CPR/AED training was conducted.

 We participated in or held several events this year ...

  • January - we participated at Gasparillia again, testing the satellite phones and some CERT members assisted with medical calls during the parade.
  • March - we participated at the Squiggy Adventure Race - First Responders and other CERT  members were on hand to provide medical assistance.
  • April - we participated at the annual Mass Casualty Exercise at Tampa International Airport.  CERT members coordinated all of the student victims and set up the scene for the First Responders.
  • August - we had our mandatory meeting - great turnout!!  Worked on team and communications skills.
  • September - we had a rally point exercise - members met at their respective rally points and exercised the GTCERT Communication Plan - very well attended.
  • October - we had our annual ropes and rapelling exercise.
  • November - we practiced the volunteer reception center training - will be practicing this more often.
  • We have had several presentations/trainings: medical refresher, personal safety (TPD), scene safety, Department of Health POD's training and a lecture on disaster preparedness and emergency management in the City of Tampa.

Thankfully it was a quiet year for storms!!!!

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