Available Properties

Available Properties

Available Properties


The City has partnered with several Social Service  Housing Agencies through the NSP Program.  The following properties were funded in part with Neighborhood Stabilization funds and may have units available to rent to income qualified households.

Please contact the agencies DIRECTLY to see if you qualify for these affordable units, as there may be certain restrictions for each property.

Property Name Address Total # units BR/BA Agency Phone
Volunteers of America 3620 N. 54th St 4 4/2 VOA 813-321-6948
Riviera Manor 904 Alicia St. 28 1-3 BR Catholic Charities Housing 727-893-1314
Mariposa 5126 Habana Ave 38 1/1 Mental Health Care 813-272-2244
Eco Oaks 3813 N. Nebraska Ave 18 2/1 Tampa Crossroads 813-238-5210
Mental Health Care 3413 Garrison 2   Mental Health Care 813-272-2244
Mental Health Care 2915 W. Pine 1 3 BR Mental Health Care 813-272-2244
The Trio 1100 Ray Charles Ave 143 1 and 2 BR Tampa Housing Authority 813-341-9101
The Ella 1201 Ray Charles Ave 160 1 and 2 BR Tampa Housing Authority 813-341-9101
Oakview 4115 Carnegie Ct 55 1 and 2 BR Mental Health Care 813-272-2244
Marisol 6515 S. Bayshore 25 1 and 2 Mental Health Care 813-272-2244


OWNERSHIP PROPERTIES - Eligible Properties For Sale

Please have the following information available when you call to make an appointment with a loan officer for home ownership assistance:

  • Proof of Income (monthly and annual)

  • Credit and Debt information

  • Rental history

  • Identification of all members of the household

  • Certificate from an approved Housing Counseling Agency

The more information that you make available at this meeting, the sooner we will be able to determine which of our housing programs will benefit you the most.

New Infill Homes for Sale

Please contact the City Directly at 813-274-7954 for information.


Rehabilitated Properties for Sale by Housing Partners

Type:  SF (Single Family)
Map Link Photo Link Partner Organization
Home Ownership Properties
3506 N. 9th St.     CDC of Tampa
1917 E. Shadowlawn     City of Tampa
2007 E. Ida St.     ETBCA
3415 E. 9th Ave     ETBCA
8402 N. 39th Ave     ETBCA

Homes are located throughout the City and are available for purchase through the City's housing programs. Please contact us at (813) 274-7954 for additional information on these properties.  You may also contact the selling organization listed above directly.

Additional properties and more information is available through the Partner organizations page.